Program Goals

Relationship to God

  • Embodying Christ-like character.
  • Demonstrating a competent understanding of God’s plan for the ages, which can be found in the Bible through an accurate interpretation of Scripture that is consistent with our conservative evangelical heritage and doctrinal commitment.
  • Serving God by applying biblical values and principles in one’s daily life and in meaningful ministry to others.

Relationship to Self

  • Assessing who they are, how they process information, and discovering their calling.
  • Assessing their unique gifts in service to and interaction with others.
  • Self-evaluating their spiritual growth, and evaluating others objectively and compassionately.
  • Biblically distinguishing generational, cultural, socio-economical, racial and sexual forces at work in their lives.
  • Using higher-order thinking and life-long learning skills to create and discover.
  • Recognizing that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit and can make a difference in the world.

Relationship to Others

  • Showing empathy and demonstrating the Fruit of the Spirit toward others.
  • Communicating effectively through receptive and expressive language, so that both sender and receiver have a clear understanding of the same message.
  • Recognizing the creativity of humans created in God’s image.
  • Showing accountability for neighbors’ needs by engaging in activities that demonstrate compassion for others.

Relationship to the World and to the Environment

  • Developing awareness of diverse global concerns and issues.
  • Showing sensitivity to issues, values and norms relevant to various people groups.
  • Examining the make-up of present and past people groups around the globe and social, political, economic, scientific, religious and environmental factors influencing them.
  • Supporting stewardship of God’s creation and demonstrating good global citizenship by actively participating in global networking experiences.