Purpose & Vision Statement

Grace Core Purpose

The Grace Core is a Christian liberal arts common experience driven by the mission of Grace College and designed for the purpose of worshiping Christ, connecting with others, engaging His world and following His calling.

Grace Core Vision

We envision a Christ-centered learning community united by intentional worship, transformed by His truth, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to live and serve in an increasingly globalized and changing world.

  • A Christ-centered learning community—Our relationship with Christ provides the foundation for all other relationships and prompts us to develop a Christian worldview, where Christian thinking is applied to a wide range of disciplines in reflective and practical ways. A grace-filled community permeated by the Fruit of the Spirit promotes learning as individuals, as we come together to think critically and develop a Christian perspective in all areas of life and thought.
  • United—A Christian worldview gives purpose for a holistic and integrated model of education, where each discipline is part of a greater unified whole that God has created. Faculty work together to educate students, seek connections between disciplines and learn from each other. Furthermore, collaboration between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs provides a seamless environment where learning is both developmental and integrative.
  • By intentional worship—As followers of Christ, every aspect of living and learning, including curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular, is an act of worship when done for His glory.
  • Transformed—Jesus’ incarnation becomes our model for transformational thinking, living and learning. We seek to be transformed into His likeness through His creative and redemptive work, which fosters reflection, inquiry and humility.
  • By His truth—We seek to know all of God’s truth through specific revelation found in Scripture and through general revelation found through His creation. Each discipline has value because it is God-created. We glorify Him by discovering and taking delight in His creation, which creates conversations about integrative and on-going questions regarding life within particular disciplines.
  • Equipped with the knowledge and skills—The Grace Core provides a broad knowledge base and skill set to develop the whole person in depth of insight, clarity of understanding, exploration of ideas, appreciation for the aesthetics and cultural activity, global perspective, communication skills and moral commitment in the context of biblical studies, economics, philosophy, science, social science, cultural studies and the arts.
  • To live and serve in an increasingly globalized and changing world—An understanding of today’s world causes relevant and intentional learning, instilling students with a passion to learn, equipping them to think critically and creatively, and asking them the central questions of faith that will enable students to live life and work effectively with people from other cultures.