Go Encounter

Global Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to travel to another country, but you don't want to study abroad? Then keep reading. Throughout the year, students on Go Encounter teams have the opportunity to take short-term trips to various countries. These teams are led by cross-culturally experienced faculty and staff.

A unique part of Grace’s general education core, these trips are one way to meet the “cross-cultural field experience” for Global Perspectives, a class designed to develop a biblical lens for seeing the world in order to live meaningfully and biblically in increasingly multi-cultural societies. During this class, students discuss ways to become more effective in cross-cultural interactions. Students then have the opportunity to live out what they have learned, when they embark on a seven to 10 day trip. In the past, students have gone to places like Brazil, Fiji, France, England, Germany, Japan, Romania, South Korea, Cambodia, Uganda, Ireland, Czech Republic, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and many others.

Go Encounter trips are just one way to fulfill the cross-cultural field experience requirement. Trips through study abroad or through a church or other organization may also count.

For details about how to meet this requirement,

email the office of Global Initiatives or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6133.