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Think Globally

Study Abroad opens your eyes to the world beyond campus. Think globally. We tend to look at things from our own perspective and experience. But as the world grows more connected through technology and travel, it’s essential for us to understand cultures beyond our own. Study abroad is no longer just an option for the privileged. It’s part of a complete education that allows you to experience and understand other cultures, so you are better prepared to work and serve no matter where you are.

Several majors and minors, including international business, intercultural studies and languages, require study abroad to immerse students in the target culture and language. Students in other majors can also explore the possibility of studying abroad to learn more about the world around them.

Language students sign a language pledge, committing to speak the target language throughout their experience in order to attain near-native fluency by the end of the program. Many students have shared that the impact of living in a culture through the language immersion program will last a lifetime.

But if you don’t know another language—don’t let this stop you from studying abroad! There are also study abroad programs that are taught in English, giving you an opportunity to learn about yourself while learning about the world around you.

Students studying Spanish have the choice of studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Madrid, Spain.

Students studying French are able to study abroad in Dijon.

Is Study Abroad for you? We hope so! The first step is to discuss the options available to you with the Director of Global Initiatives and your Academic Advisor.

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Email the office of Global Initiatives or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6133.