Camp Administration Concentration


For almost a decade, Grace Theological Seminary has been privileged to have an ongoing relationship with Camp Forest Springs to provide students with training in the area of camping ministry. This degree combines excellent biblical training on-line, so the coursework can be done while in ministry, in addition to an eleven-month internship program. This degree combines 36 hours of the M.A. in Ministry Studies degree, which is on-line, with 12 credit hours given for the internship which takes place at Camp Forest Springs. Due to the length of the internship requirement in Westboro, WI, students who are married / have families and pursuing this concentration must attend the internship together. The internship portion of this concentration occurs before the coursework is completed at Grace College. For more information about the internship portion of this concentration, please contact Camp Forest Springs directly.

Course Requirements for M.A. Ministry Studies


MIN510 Bible Study Methods

This course is designed to introduce learners to the basics of biblical interpretation and practical biblical inquiry. This course will cover essential elements of Hermeneutics as well as give practical training in bible study methodology focusing on the historical-grammatical interpretative method in the inductive bible study format.

PM601 Spiritual Formation

This course investigates the biblical and personal foundations of spiritual growth known theologically as sanctification. It is designed to help the learner understand the impact of family history, personal development and life experiences on one‘s theological outlook, emotional maturity, relational patterns, moral decisions and ministry effectiveness. Through personal prayer projects, experiential learning and small group interaction, learners will gain a richer sense of self-awareness in order to open more deeply to the love and truth of God. This integrative course attempts to connect theological truth to life in order to explore God‘s design for growth and how the individual might cooperate within the context of a developing relational Christian spirituality.

PM660 Principles & Practice of Prayer

Recognizing that prayer is a primary activity of every Christian, the basic biblical principles of prayer are carefully studied. The prayer life of the pastor/ missionary, along with the responsibility of leading a congregation in its prayer ministry, will receive special attention.

MIN532 Ministry Leadership

Through the use of reading and writing assignments, online discussions, pastoral interviews, and a self-assessment and action plan paper, the following leadership topics will be covered: servant leadership, mentoring, visionary leadership, and leading as a change agent. Eight weeks of course work will be conducted independently and on-line, culminating in a final paper.

MIN531 Ministry & Cultural Diversity

This course is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the elements of culture and how they affect biblical ministry in intercultural and multicultural contexts. It is designed to help Christian workers become more effective in those contexts as their understanding permits them to shape their ministry to penetrate other cultures more deeply and, therefore, apply God‘s Word more accurately.