Master of Science in Athletic Administration


Grace College is pleased to partner with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) and the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA) to provide a master’s degree in Athletic Administration that is convenient, practical and affordable for their members. The NIAAA and the CIAAA strive to develop current and future athletic administrators who can lead wholesome, value-added athletic programs. Grace College joins with the NIAAA and CIAAA to utilize the content of their Leadership Training Courses (LTCs) as part of its graduate offerings for athletic administrators. This master’s degree will a) extend the content of the LTC modules through higher-level thinking and learning activities, and b) enable athletic administrators to receive degree credit for their mastery of the content and their application of that learning in practical ways through their current employment.

Prospective candidates for this degree program must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Be a member of the NIAAA or the CIAAA.
  • Have completed at least two LTCs.
  • Be actively involved in an interscholastic athletic program.
  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree.



Program Description

Program Overview

Program Curriculum


Examples of courses in this major:

AAD 6010 Foundations of Athletic Administration

This course will present a philosophy of the leadership and organization of interscholastic athletic programs, principles, strategies and methods of athletic administration; frameworks to identify and unify the athletic community through character-based standards; and best practices in fundraising, marketing, and promotion of athletic programs and events.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 501, 502, 608

AAD 6020 Risk Management and Ethical Issues

This course will guide students in utilizing institutional and established legal guidelines to consider all aspects of liability related to athletic performance; creating and maintaining a strategic plan for managing risk; and maintaining safety, equity and integrity in the context of interscholastic athletic programs.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 504, 506, 508

AAD 6030 Athletic Finance and Marketing Management

This course will assist students in understanding athletic finance and budgeting. It will also guide students in the development of an athletic marketing plan.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: 511, 611, 618

AAD 6110 Current Issues and Trends

This course is the capstone course for all students in the Athletic Administration Concentration. The capstone is a special project conducted within an existing athletic setting. It may be arranged within the organization in which the student is employed or in another organization which agrees to work with the student on a project of mutual interest. The capstone experience affords each student an opportunity to apply the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained through the leadership core and concentration-area content courses in a process that will generate a solution(s) to or facilitate substantive consideration of a current interscholastic athletic need or issue.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 710A , 710B, 723

AAD 6050 Facility Planning and Management

This course will guide students in the development of an athletic facility master plan. Further, it assists students in understanding the role the athletic director plays in management of the athletic physical plant.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 621, 622, 707

AAD 6060 Facility and Event Management

This course presents opportunities for students to analyze best practices and challenges to securing, maintaining, and managing safe, resilient, and attractive indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and equipment that is readily available to students for athletic preparation and interscholastic competitive events.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 621, 622, 707

AAD 6070 Athletic Organization and Administration

This course will assist the athletic leader in developing an athletic operational manual. Furthermore, this course will guide the athletic leader through the organizational and administrative policies and procedures of a typical interscholastic athletic department.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 625, 630, 719

AAD 6080 Sport Medicine and Strength Training Administration

This course outlines the policies and procedures in operating and administrating sport medicine and strength training programs. Furthermore, the course will guide the athletic leader through the development of policy and procedural manuals for each area.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 617, 620, 627

AAD 6090 Educational Athletics

This course guides the athletic leader through the development of policies and procedures related to the educational aspects of sport programs.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 703, 705, 720

AAD 6100 Athletic Decision Making

A review of methods used to collect information to support business decisions such as surveys, focus groups, competitive studies and benchmarking. Topics include designing procedures to obtain unbiased data, scaling methods, and analysis and interpretation of data to produce credible results and recommendations. Emphasis is placed on intelligence necessary to support strategic planning activities and initiatives. Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to discern when to use qualitative techniques and the limitations of qualitative studies, design a study around research questions, choose appropriate samples from the population, prepare the research instruments, prepare to conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups, and analyze data and correlate results of qualitative studies.
Incorporates NIAAA LT Courses: LTC 707, 709, 718