Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling


People are hurting, and they often turn to their pastor to seek spiritual guidance and help. Many of our students have been called by God to shepherd the body of Christ in ways that bring healing and restoration. The M.Div. with the pastoral counseling concentration provides both a deep theological foundation and skills for dealing with hurting people.

The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling is designed for those who desire to be involved primarily in a counseling ministry, but who also want a solid biblical and theological foundation upon which to build their perspectives and practices of counseling. The counseling courses in this degree are provided by the faculty in the Graduate Department of Counseling at Grace.

All five concentrations have a strong component of practical field experience: a six-hour apprenticeship is required for the M.Div. in Pastoral Counseling, which is built into the requirements.

Course Requirements for Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling


Examples of courses in this major:

CPY 5050 Theological Foundations of Counseling

This course will examine the theological foundations as a basis for counseling, specifically as it pertains to personality, God’s design for proper functioning, what goes wrong and possible solutions. Pertinent theological topics will also be discussed.

CPY 5150 Marriage and Family Counseling

This course will examine the theoretical constructs inherent in proper functioning of both the marital relationship and the family. Students will explore how the counselor can implement knowledge and skills necessary to aid in the mending of marriages and the restoration of proper family functioning. A major focus will be conflict resolution.

CPY 6200 Ethical/Legal Issues

The legal, ethical and professional issues in the delivery of mental health services are examined. Topics include ethical standards, privacy, confidentiality and credentialing. Mental health codes and legislation are also discussed.

CPY 5500 Psychotherapy and Trauma

This course will examine the nature and practice of psychotherapy as it pertains to the topic of crises, disasters and other trauma causing events. The nature of trauma, trauma resolution, and the standard of care in responding to trauma survivors will be explored.

CPY 5650 Addictions Counseling

This course will examine drug and alcohol counseling, other addictions, DSM-IV-TR criteria, the addictive process and treatment issues.