Welcome to the Grace College Art program! As a future art student with this major, you will focus on the breadth of general studies in the visual arts within the context of a liberal arts framework.

The Art major is designed to develop your visual sensitivity and technical skills through experience, to increase your ability to make workable connections between concept and media, and to gain discernment of quality in works of art.

While bringing practical, professional knowledge to the classroom, our faculty serves to encourage and challenge you to be competent in communicating visually and to develop a mature, Christ-centered worldview.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Art

Course Requirements for an Art Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

ART 2110 Art and Design Fundamentals

From the simple application of color to the complex devices that create illusionary space, this foundational lecture/studio course concentrates on the basic elements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. Students will apply aesthetics and theoretical methods. Oral and written art criticisms are employed.

ART 2200 Ceramics I

An introduction to the study of ceramics as a three-dimensional medium. Through hand-constructed and wheel-thrown clay forms, students will explore issues in contemporary art. Ceramics processes will include glazing and firing.

ART 2400 Painting I

The study and application of wet painting media (oil and/or acrylic) with an emphasis on a technical working knowledge and its application to a personal style.

ART 3320 Art History: Renaissance to Modern

This art history course is a survey of art forms from the Renaissance to the present. The primary focus is on the Western European art traditions. Contextually, cultures of other people groups are discussed.