Media Arts


The media arts major incorporates advanced digital-based visual imaging, concepts, and applications in visual communication design, motion graphics, web-based media, and fundamental audio/visual media design and production. Through a Christian perspective, students will prepare to analyze differing viewpoints of users, audiences, and client experiences. Emphasis will be on the application of design research, strategic thinking, creative concepts, and graphics implementation to prepare students for the development, production, and delivery of multi-sensory visual communication.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Media Arts



Examples of courses in this major:

VCD 2310 Visual Communication Design I

An introductory course that uses manual and digital processes to explore visual communication theories and techniques. Relationships between content and social and cultural context will be explored.

VCD 3200 Multimedia Design

This coures focuses on the integration of multiple forms of media requiring both creative and technical skills for visual imagery and messages. Visual media content includes digital photography, video, audio, and graphic software for dynamic formats.

VCD 3700 Visual Communication Design III

A computer laboratory course that introduces software utilized for motion graphics and web-based media. Students will develop problem-solving skills through understanding industry trends and technological changes, and apply them to a variety of projects.

VCD 3840 Selected Topics in Art/Design

Advanced level course that examines contemporary issues within the context of the student’s major focus and results in a specialized product for the student’s portfolio.