Welcome to the Grace College Art program! As a future photographer, a degree in photography will give you a foundation for understanding photographic techniques and other industry skills and photography's relationship to visual disciplines and its influence on culture. The purpose of the Photography major is to help you develop proficient individualized conceptual and technical skills to produce imagery that will show your visual communication in a variety of marketplaces and bring complementary skills to your photography. Our faculty serves to encourage and challenge you to be competent in communicating visually and to develop a mature, Christ-centered worldview while bringing practical, professional knowledge to the classroom.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Photography

Course Requirements for Photography Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

ART 1300 Photography I

An introduction to the fine art of photography, this course will emphasize creative and technical aspects of black-and-white photography. Study will include composition, aesthetic awareness, darkroom procedures and alternative processes. SLR film camera required. Studio fees apply.

VCD 2310 Visual Communication Design I

An introductory course that uses manual and digital processes to explore visual communication theories and techniques. Relationships between content and social and cultural context will be explored. Prerequisite: ART 2110.

ART 2600 Digital Photography

Students explore digital photography as a tool for media communication. Contemporary issues will include ethics in story-telling and professional practices, file management, digital problem solving, and computer editing techniques. Studio fees apply.

ART 3600 Photography II

This course focuses on advanced conceptual abilities, photographic experimentation, and technical processes in film and digital applications. Alternative processes will be explored. Each student must provide a DSLR and an SLR camera. Prerequisites: ART 1300 and ART 2600. Studio fees apply.

ART 4300 Advanced Photography

This course will emphasize advanced individual photographic exploration for the purpose of developing significant personal imagery. Students will create a body of work that focuses on portfolio development and professional application in film, digital, and alternative processes. Each student must provide a DSLR and an SLR camera. Prerequisite: ART 3600. Studio fees apply.