Visual Communication Design


Welcome to the Grace College Art program! As a future graphic designer, you will gain a strong foundation for a career within the innovative field of graphic arts through our Visual Communication Design major. This major provides you with structured opportunities for the study of visual communication.

The purpose of the Visual Communication Design major is to develop your basic art and design skills, increase your knowledge of technical production processes in the graphic arts industry, and provide functional training on graphics software.

While bringing practical, professional knowledge to the classroom, our faculty serves to encourage and challenge you to be competent in communicating visually and to develop a mature, Christ-centered worldview.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Visual Communication Design Course Requirements for a Visual Communication Design Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

VCD 2310 Visual Communication Design I

An introductory course that uses manual and digital processes to explore visual communication theories and techniques. Relationships between content and social and cultural context will be explored. Prerequisite: ART 2110.

VCD 2510 Visual Communication Design II

This studio design course explores tools and techniques for digital-based imaging, editing, and layout. Utilizing Adobe software, this course focuses on the development of visual skills through digital photo manipulation, illustrative rendering, and graphics file preparation. Technical processes for digital and print production will be introduced. Prerequisite VCD 2310.

VCD 3700 Visual Communication Design III

A computer laboratory course that introduces software utilized for motion graphics and web-based media. Students will develop problem-solving skills through understanding industry trends and technological changes, and apply them to a variety of projects. Prerequisites: VCD 2310 and VCD 2510.

VCD 3420 Typography

A study of letter forms, historical influences, and how type is used as an effective element in context of visual communication design. Prerequisites: VCD 2510.

VCD 3430 Illustration I

This introductory course explores fundamentals of illustrative design principles and how elements are utilized to address specific narrative or expressive problems. A survey of historical and current trends in illustration and an overview of basic business practices are examined. Prerequisites: ART 1200, ART 2110.