Worship Arts


Being a leader in the worship arts is so much more than knowing the latest worship song or technology. The Grace College Worship Arts Program is designed to equip students to follow God’s call on their lives in the areas worship and musical leadership, audio and visual technology, and theatre arts. Our passion is to give students the vision and skills to think theologically, to be equipped in their worship arts specialty, and to have the ability to effectively lead others. Students will acquire skills for diverse musical styles and expressions used in a variety of modern worship settings. They will explore the ways in which audio/visual technology is utilized in today’s churches, recording studios, and schools. Along with worship theology, music theory, instrumental, and vocal training, students will acquire an understanding of the relational dynamics of a team, along with the necessary leadership skills.

Worship Arts students will gain hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art Pro Tools HD studio, learning skills in audio engineering, recording, producing, and live sound, that will allow them to produce music for web, TV, film, and radio. Whether using software such as Ableton, Omnisphere, Pro Tools, and Finale in the MIDI Lab or rehearsing with other students on instruments such as Nord keys and Risen drums, students in the Worship Arts program at Grace College will be using the latest gear to prepare for worship ministry in a rapidly changing technological culture.

All incoming and transfer students must audition either on campus or through video.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Worship Arts

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Examples of courses in this major:

WMU 1300 Worship Music Theory Fundamentals

Designed to give the musical worship leader a basic knowledge of music fundamentals. A balance between traditional and contemporary music will be used. Aural training and keyboard basics will also be introduced. Focus will include basic music notation, scales, tonality, keys/modes, intervals, and chords. Prerequisite: placement or permission of instructor or program director. Three hours.

WMU 2450 MIDI and Live Worship/Event

Provides students with the tools and hands-on experience necessary for producing professional MIDI projects, audio tracks, and visual recordings. Introduction to multi-track recording, recording studios, and the technology involved in mixing and processing sound. Live event to take place within worship environment. Prerequisites: WMU 2600 and WMU 3100. Three hours (1 APL).

WMU 3510 Worship Arts Technology

Introduction to the technological resources basic to work in the Worship Arts environment, including: lighting, audio, and video. Includes hands-on experience with MIDI and sequencing, music notation programs, desktop publishing, digital sound formats, as well as basic lighting design and video shooting/editing. Prerequisites: WMU 2600 and WMU 3100. Three hours.

WMU 4200 Biblical Theology of Worship Arts

This course is a study of the biblical and theological aspects of worship. A wide spectrum of Christian traditions will be studies as well as the relationship of personal to corporate worship. Emphasis will be given to understanding how the patterns of worship found in the Bible affect every aspect of the worship service. Three hours.

WMU 4350 Musical Improvisation

Students apply knowledge gained from Theory I and II, learning different approaches to using scales to improvise over chord progressions. There will be a focus on blues and jazz styles, as well as contemporary music. Students will learn to transcribe solos from recordings. Prerequisites: WMU 2600, WMU 3100, and WMU 4100. Three hours.

MDI 4330 Media Production

This course is an introduction to audio and video production.