Social Studies Education and History


Perhaps you're interested in a rewarding career in secondary education. Teaching social studies allows you to combine your individual interests with practical training and classroom experience within a profession that enriches the lives of students. Students who major in Social Studies Education will simultaneously earn a History degree.

Students who enroll in the Social Studies Education and History program will participate in a combined program of educational training and social studies content. The concentration in social studies includes historical perspectives, citizenship and American government. This is brought together with one or more focus areas in economics, geography, psychology or sociology. All of this is completed under the guidance of both the History and Political Science Department and the School of Education to ensure that students are prepared for a fulfilling teaching career.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Social Studies Education and History


Examples of courses in this major:

HIS 1140 World History and the Historical Method I

This global history course will examine important developments in the civilizations of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere from pre-history to the beginning of the development of world trade in the 16th century. Themes investigated will include politics and government, art and ideas, religion and philosophy, family and society, science and technology, earth and the environment, and interaction and exchange. An emphasis will be placed on showing how these meta-themes are manifested in cultures throughout the world. This course will also serve as an introduction to research methods in the field.

HIS 2050 American Journeys

In this topical survey of the history of the United States to the end of World War II, students will be introduced to the major issues, developments and perennial questions that cut to the heart of American identity. The course will cover such topics as the ideological origins of the American nation, the historical relationship between state and national sovereignty, race and slavery, sectional tensions and the Civil War, social and religious movements, and the culture wars that continue to impact American society today.

POS 2010 Introduction to Political Thought

This course includes several approaches to political philosophy. First, it provides a general overview of the dominant political ideologies from the ancient to the contemporary world. Second, it provides a general survey of some of the most influential political thinkers, whose writings and theories have given rise to the modern political landscape. This section will focus heavily on the development of western political thought but may include selections from Islamic civilization, southeast Asia or other non-western contexts. Third, this course will include an introduction to more recent thinkers, or even popular personalities, whose work is relevant to the intersection of faith and politics.

GEO 3850 The Geography and History of Asia

This is a course designed to give students an appreciation of Asia—specifically, China, India and Japan. Discussion will center on understanding the context of the physical, cultural, political and historical geography of its peoples. Students will also discuss and analyze the growing importance of Asia to the global economy.

SED 1000 Teaching School in America

An introduction to the profession of teaching. Learning experiences are structured both in and out of the classroom with the purpose of assisting the college student in making career decisions relative to the profession such as to teach or not, at which level, and in which subject area. Students observe in local schools. 

SED 4670 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies

This course is a study of practical methods and materials in the broad areas of social studies education. Students will learn many classroom techniques and thus create a repertoire of methods appropriate for the secondary levels of education.