The journalism major seeks to develop students in their professional writing skills and creative writing skills in order to achieve precise and powerful communication. Journalistic ethics are stressed. One factor that sets apart our journalism major is that many of the courses are taught by those who are practicing writers, editors and photographers.

Course Requirements for B.A. in Journalism

Course Requirements for B.S. in Journalism

Course Requirements for a Journalism Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

COM 1130 Introduction to Mass Communication

A survey of mass media in society, including newspapers, magazines, radio, recording industry, television, film, internet, advertising, photojournalism and communication theory. This course covers the history, economic controls, governmental controls, problems, effects of research, and societal importance of the information and entertainment media.

JOU 2140 Newspaper Journalism

Instruction and practice in writing for newspapers, including current news, features, sports, government, editorials, etc. Includes practical experience writing for the campus and local newspapers.

JOU 2700 Design and Layout for Journalists

A laboratory, hands-on course in which students are exposed to InDesign and Adobe Photoshop while learning the most up-to-date principles of layout and design for newspapers, magazines, websites and other media. 

JOU 3130 Editing

Instruction and practice in the preparation of copy for publication, including copy editing, proofreading, style, headline writing, picture cropping, typography, legal considerations, and page layout and design for newspapers, magazines and other media.