Languages, Literature, and Communication Department


Goals for language majors include communicating in another language, engaging in aspects of another culture, and acquiring broader experiences as world citizens through the study of language.

The requirements of an overseas study distinguishes the Grace language program from other programs. The purpose of courses offered on campus is to prepare students for the Study Abroad program.


Recognizing that God is the creator of language, and that languages are the ultimate avenue of many creative abilities, English and Journalism programs seek to expose all Grace College students to God-honoring courses in writing and in literature. Students will leave furnished with a versatile communication skill set necessary to be articulate and successful in any career field.

The goals of these majors are to develop perceptive and critical thinking abilities through the study of literature, the English language and journalistic media, and to furnish creative, journalistic and academic methods of writing to express these insights.


Communication programs aim to promote an awareness of the complexities of the human communication process, to assist in the refinement of communication skills, and to encourage the free and responsible use of communication abilities and mediums.

The study of communication is especially recommended for students who are considering future occupations or training areas in public relations, theatre, management, missions, counseling, the youth pastorate, marketing, consulting, law, media communications, personnel management, teaching or the ministry.


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