Mathematics Secondary Education


Welcome to the Grace College Mathematics Program. We are dedicated to developing concepts and applications as well as sharpening skills in mathematics. Math is the language of creation, and we welcome you to join us in its exploration.

This major prepares students for careers in teaching high school mathematics. The program begins with three sessions of calculus, after which students take mathematics electives depending on their interests.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics Secondary Education


Examples of courses in this major:

ISM 1100 Introduction to Technology

During this course, students will be exposed to a wide range of IT topics and terminology. Coverage will be divided between personal computer hardware components and troubleshooting and introductory programming concepts.

MAT 3130 Linear Algebra

This class is an introductory course in matrices and vector spaces. We will study the arithmetic of matrices and how to utilize matrices to solve systems of linear equations. Our study of matrices will give us a natural entry point into the theory of vector spaces. We will study the vector space axioms and their consequences and finish the class by investigating the major theorems involving linear transformations and bases of vector spaces.

MAT 3200 Probability and Statistics

This is an introductory course in probability and statistics. Topics covered include probability theorems and models, statistical techniques, and practices for applying statistical techniques in the world around us.

SED 1000 Teaching School in America

An introduction to the profession of teaching. Learning experiences are structured both in and out of the classroom with the purpose of assisting the college student in making career decisions relative to this profession such as to teach or not, at which level, and in which subject area. Students observe in local schools.

SED 4650 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics

This course is designed to help prepare the future high school teacher for his or her career in the classroom. We investigate the standard high school math curriculum and study methods of teaching mathematical concepts to students at various levels within the curriculum.