Environmental Biology


Environmental Biology is one of three majors in Grace College's environmental science program, and it focuses on preparing you for further education in graduate school, law school or professional programs. Environmental biology is for students who desire an academic platform for careers in cutting-edge research, teaching or other advanced professional fields. Foundational math and science courses are required for this major.

This major will equip you with practical knowledge and applicable skills to pursue a successful career in an ever-increasing number of environmental fields. Through our involvement with the Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College and the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, you will have even more unique opportunities for research and community internships.

Course Requirements for Environmental Biology


Examples of courses in this major:

ENV 3210 Aquatic Ecology

An overview of physical, chemical and biological components and their interactions in streams, wetlands and lakes. Particular focus will be on outdoor field work to learn hands-on skills in this area of study.

CHM 3210 Environmental Chemistry

A study of the chemistry associated with the atmosphere, soil and groundwater, and surface waters.

ENV 2410 Plant Biology

Integrated study of plants as organisms. Deals with plant structure, physiology, development, genetics, ecology and classification of major plant groups.

ENV 2110 General Ecology

A study of the interaction of organisms with their physical environment and with each other. Particular focus will be on application of ecological concepts and field work in various local ecosystems.

ENV 2510 Animal Biology

Integrated study of animals as organisms. Deals with animal structure, physiology, development, genetics, ecology and classification of major animal groups.

ENV 3410 Environmental Ethics

An exploratory study of secular and Christian views of the natural world and humanity's place in it. Special attention on practical application of a biblical stewardship ethic.