Mathematics and Computing


Since technology is constantly changing, there is an increasing demand for technology workers who are problem solvers, communicators and self-learners. The mathematics and computing major combines content from both the mathematics and computer science disciplines to create a new blended major that will encourage the concept of learning across disciplinary boundaries and give students practice working in teams as well as working individually to develop both team-oriented skills like communication and individual skills like self-learning, persistence and hands-on problem solving.

Graduates will be self-learners, problem solvers and communicators that are equipped with both mathematical and technical skills. Technology students who select this program will strengthen their ability to solve problems through additional math courses. Likewise, math students that select this program will broaden their career options by bringing their problem-solving skills to bear on a secondary discipline.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics Computing


MAT 2250 Calculus 3

This course is an investigation of limits, derivatives and integrals of functions of more than one variable. We will study various applications of calculus, further topics of multivariable calculus, and ways in which calculus interplays with the other mathematical disciplines (such as linear algebra, probability theory and complex analysis). Prerequisites: MAT 1250 or permission of the mathematics curriculum director. Three credit hours.

MAT 3130 Linear Algebra

This class is an introductory course in matrices and vector spaces. We will study the arithmetic of matrices and how to utilize matrices to solve systems of linear equations. Our study of matrices will give us a natural entry point into the theory of vector spaces. We will study the vector space axioms and their consequences and finish the class by investigating the major theorems involving linear transformations and bases of vector spaces. Prerequisite: MAT 2250. Three credit hours

ISM 2700 HTML and Web Development

This course will focus on the creation, modification and implementation of Web pages using HTML and CSS. Coverage will also include some JavaScript and the Document Object Model. At successful completion of the course, the student will be able to design, build and implement Web sites. Prerequisite: ISM 1100. Three hours.

ISM 3470 Business Information Systems

This course focuses on the management of information systems within an organizational setting. During the course, students will experience the systems development life cycle as they create an information system. The course utilizes both object oriented and traditional methods for creating business models. Prerequisite: ISM 2100, ISM 3400. Three hours.

ISM 4110 Client Side Programming

Students will synthesize topics from a number of previous courses while focusing on the creation and implementation of browser-based client side applications. The focus of the course will be manipulation of the document object model using a client-side scripting language. Prerequisites: ISM 2100, ISM 2700. Three hours.