General Business


Welcome to the Grace College major in general business. This major allows for the integrative study of the disciplines necessary for understanding and managing organizations. A biblical understanding of business permeates this major. Occasionally, a specific post-college opportunity cannot be adequately prepared for within the bounds of a single business discipline. The major in general business allows students to craft a program that is specific to their needs and career aspirations.

The curriculum builds a foundational understanding with coursework that transitions to an interdisciplinary approach. The curriculum culminates with internships, simulations and other applied learning opportunities, which smooth the transition from the classroom to the workplace. A biblical understanding of business helps students understand that economic growth and prosperity are maximized when economic activity is organized through a decentralized, market-based approach. Given this, a proper appreciation of the net benefits of the free enterprise system is foundational to this major.


Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in General Business

Course Requirements for General Business Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

BUS 2230 Economics

The role of Christians in the marketplace is discussed with consideration of economic reasoning and methodology through examination of fundamental concepts in micro- and macro-economics and through extension and applications of economic theory.

BUS 2430 Principles of Management

Surveys the four major managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Within a biblical framework, students will examine developments from scientific management to ethics, diversity, social responsibility and globalization.

BUS 3400 Organizational Behavior

This course deals with human behavior in organizations.  Conceptual frameworks, case discussions and skill-oriented activities are applied to course topics that include motivation, learning and development, group dynamics, leadership, communication, power and influence, change, diversity, organizational design and culture.

FIN 3240 Corporate Finance

The study of such topics as capital budgeting, cost of funds, stock and bond valuations, and capital structure. A theoretical as well as a practical approach to the discipline.

MKT 2150 Marketing Principles

This course provides a decision-oriented overview of marketing management in modern organizations. The objective of the course is to provide a broad introduction to marketing concepts, the role of marketing in society and in the firm, and the various factors that influence marketing decision making.