International Business


The International Business major at Grace College combines language, culture and international travel with the study of business. This B.A. degree focuses on the human side of serving others as well as the sturdy foundation of our core business curriculum. Students combine business courses and can choose between overseas study or internships to complete the requirements of the major.  Grace students have studied or worked internships in France, Spain, Agentina and Korea to name a few.

Relationships with colleges in Europe and the Far East provide exciting opportunities to study business in English or the national language of the host insititution. This major consists of courses offered in conjunction with the Foreign Languages and Culture Program as well as the Intercultural Studies Program. We believe that understanding culture is a critical component to successfully meeting the needs of others in foreign lands. Graduates also have a strong background in business, as international business students complete the same general business courses as other business majors.


Course Requirements for B.A. in International Business

Course Requirements for International Business Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

BUS 3570 Fundamentals of International Business

An awareness of the global business environment is essential. This survey course introduces various facets of international business, its application to the domestic concern and national economy. Areas reviewed include the role and impact of multi-national corporations, cross cultural factors and global strategies.

FIN 3170 Money and Banking

The study of the principles of money, banking and credit with emphasis on monetary theory and policy and their role in domestic and international economics.

FIN 4530 International Finance and Economics

The course explores international finance in business, including strategy and motivation for direct foreign investment, international banking operations, lending and investment criteria, governmental programs to encourage exports, trade restrictions, foreign currency markets and exchange controls.

ICS 3110 Intercultural Communication

Students will examine the principles and processes of communicating effectively with people from a second cultural context, whether in multi-cultural U.S.A. or in other countries. The course will investigate functional perception and how cultural worldview, beliefs and values affect it through the personal perception of each individual. Students will explore how the shaping of the message, the style of communication and the use of communication networks help to penetrate different cultures with the gospel. Dangers of ethnocentrism and its affect on the cross-cultural communication process will be discussed. The principles examined are valuable for intercultural relations in any field of work.  

ICS 3210 Applied Cultural Anthropology

The nature of humans and how culture affects them are explored with a view to how this, in turn, affects ministry in intercultural contexts. Worldview assumptions and resulting values, beliefs, behavior and attitutdes are studied as to how they affect people in their perception and understanding of the physical and spiritual world around them and, ultimately, their understanding of the Gospel. Social organization is examined as to how it affects ministry strategy, and the nature of culture change is investigated with a view to evangelism.