The Grace College Management Major is designed to address both the quantitative and qualitative components of leading others. Leaders are obligated to make decisions that consider the financial health and well-being of the organization, but the first obligation is to the people affected by those decisions.

Today’s leaders demonstrate marketplace readiness with deep and broad technical knowledge. They also display acquired skills by how they accomplish the goals of the organization through others. The integrated coursework provided within this program helps students dive into human resources, leadership and motivation, entrepreneurship, international business, and marketing. These topics are balanced with work in quantitative decision making.

Management and leadership taught outside the influence of biblical guidelines leaves out an important piece. This key ingredient is balance. At Grace College, students studying Management will find that biblical principles are woven into the content of all their courses. The program content highlights that employees, customers, and all other stakeholders are image bearers of God and therefore must be addressed in ways that lift up all people.

The Management major at Grace College is designed to challenge and prepare future leaders for administrative and decision-making careers in both organizational and ministry settings. Job opportunities for graduates include multiple career tracks within numerous industries and professions. Whether an organization is involved in providing services or producing products, positions for professional managers can be found across all business types. Examples include Organizational Management, Human Resources, Sales and Sales Management, Business Analysis, Team Leadership, Office Management, Product Management, Quality and Production Management, Scheduling and Resource Planning, and Consulting.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Management

Course Requirements for Management Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

MGT 2650 Leadership & Motivation

Students in this course will study theories of motivation, leadership and management. The course will present current and recent trends in leadership and motivation, and provide discussion as to the viability of these theories in the workplace as well as how well these concepts integrate with a Biblical World View.

BUS 4240 Human Resources Management

An examination of the personnel functions in the business organization, particularly job analysis, recruitment and hiring, training, performance appraisal, compensation, the psychological forces motivating workers, discipline and morale within a heightened awareness of legislative and regulatory oversight.

MGT 3400 Quantitative Decision Making

This course focuses on using data and statistical tools to make business decisions. Students will be introduced to existing statistical tools which are commonly used within the business environment, and then they will be given opportunities to complete business case studies based on provided statistical tools and data.

MKT 4100 Product Management

This course explores the practical skills required for product management using the Medical Device Industry as its primary example. Special attention will be given to the product cycle and development cycle to insure learners are competent to lead a product development team. Learners will be required to specify market requirements, develop differentiated product positioning, and understand sales tools and collateral.

BUS 2750 Entrepreneurial & Service Practicum

Students will apply concepts learned in common professional component courses to start and run a business. A business plan will be written, a loan obtained and products commercialized within the semester. Each student company will also serve a local nonprofit organization with their time, talent and company profits.