The Marketing major at Grace College is designed to give the graduate a strong foundation in business as well as specific training in the discipline of marketing.

If you are a creative, people-oriented person, marketing is a good major to use those talents and abilities. Biblically based marketing starts with a proper focus on the customer as an image bearer of God, who brings their needs to us to be met not simply as consumers of goods. The B.A. in Marketing combines language study with the study of marketing, while the B.S. in Marketing requires an additional course in mathematics or statistics in preparation for graduate school.  Come to Grace and join us as we study how to sense, serve and satisfy the real needs of our customers.

Students studying marketing take three required courses covering consumer behavior, marketing research and advanced marketing. Elective courses, which allow each student to individualize their study toward future career goals, are offered in sales and sales management, advertising and promotion, public relations, product development, HTML & web design, services and nonprofit marketing. Students will have opportunities to apply the concepts learned in these courses through class consulting projects and internships with local companies.


Course Requirements for B.A. in Marketing Course Requirements for B.S. in Marketing Course Requirements for Marketing Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

MKT 3270 Consumer Behavior

This course introduces the student to the psychological, sociological, cultural and economic determinants of consumer behavior. The course is structured around a framework of cognitive, behavioral and environmental issues surrounding consumer choice and the creation of marketing strategies to influence those choices. A biblical framework for ethical use of these theories is explored throughout the course.

MKT 3430 Advertising and Promotion

This course examines the approach to developing advertising/promotion strategy, the theory and practices of advertising and promotion, the use of advertising as a creative process, evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising, and the role of advertising and promotion in our society. Emphasis is placed on the relationship advertising has within the overall marketing programs as well as promotion mix, decision tools and ethical considerations.

MKT 4150 Marketing Research

This course is an introductory study of the practical considerations of selecting research methodology and techniques used in marketing research. Emphasis is placed on the terminology, concepts, procedures, statistical techniques and ethics involved in collecting, analyzing and interpreting marketing data. The course also emphasizes the study of the format and content of marketing research reports that address the concerns of decision makers.

MKT 4170 Advanced Marketing

A case method course using real world marketing dilemmas as a means to learn how to apply marketing principles into a workable solution. The course also focuses on the fundamental concepts of strategy, its creation, execution and evaluation, plus learning the technical and relationship skills to manage the process.

MKT 4190 Sales/Sales Management

A course for the student who plans to work in the sales function of a business organization. Emphasis is placed on exploring techniques, issues and ethics pertinent to sales analysis, territory alignment, presentations and analysis.