Sport Management


The popularity of sports around the world creates a wide variety of career options and ministry opportunities in sport management. A career in sport management can be very rewarding for those who love sports and are motivated to help others enjoy them.

The need for well-trained managers in sport organizations and businesses, athletic programs, community and private fitness clubs, ministry outreach, sport medicine and sport media is vital. This major takes an applied learning approach to prepare students for the wide range of career options in sport management. Practical experiences, volunteer opportunities and internships are emphasized to prepare the future professional for the ever-changing aspects of a career in sport management.

Course Requirements for B.A. in Sport Management Course Requirements for B.S. in Sport Management Course Requirements for Sport Management Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

SMT 1110 Introduction to Sport Management

An introduction to the field of sport management. This course allows the student to investigate the various career options and curriculum choices in sport management.

SMT 2050 Risk Management in Sport

The nature of today’s litigious society makes it imperative that the sport management student be familiar with the special issues of law related to sport. Topics include tort law, risk management, contract law, the legal system and facility supervision. Special emphasis will be given to current legal issues and application of risk management principles.

SMT 2320 Facility Management

In this course, the student will study the entire scope of facility management, including facility planning, construction, budgeting, facility operations and facility supervision.

SMT 3610 Sport Marketing

This course will explore the areas of finance, fund-raising and marketing related to sport organizations.  The emphasis of this course will be on marketing related to facilities, programs and sport organizations.