Sport Marketing


The popularity of sport today, and the growth of professional and international sports makes the marketing of sport a very interesting and exciting field. The Sport Marketing major combines the study of sport and sport management with the study of marketing principles and marketing techniques. Sport Marketing majors are involved in many applied learning opportunities on campus and with major sport organizations and events during their course work.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Sport Marketing


Examples of courses in this major:

MKT 3270 Consumer Behavior

This course provides a decision-oriented overview of marketing management in modern organizations. The objective of the course is to provide a broad introduction to marketing concepts, the role of marketing in society and in the firm, and the various factors that influence marketing decision making.

MKT 4150 Marketing Research

This course is an introductory study of the practical considerations of selecting research methodology and techniques used in marketing research. Emphasis is placed on the terminology, concepts, procedures, statistical techniques and ethics involved in collecting, analyzing and interpreting marketing data. The course also emphasizes the study of the format and content of marketing research reports that address the concerns of decision makers.

MKT 4170 Advanced Marketing

A case method course using real world marketing dilemmas as a means to learn how to apply marketing principles into a workable solution. The course also focuses on the fundamental concepts of strategy, its creation, execution and evaluation, plus learning the technical and relationship skills to manage the process.

SMT 3610 Sport Marketing

This course will explore the areas of finance, fund raising and marketing related to sport organizations. The emphasis of this course will be on marketing related to facilities, programs and sport organizations.

SMT 4000 Sport Media

A study of the emergence and significance of sport in the media. The student will develop expertise in the areas of sport journalism and sport communications.