Educational Ministries


The goal of this degree is to equip students who are interested in working with people in a variety of ministry settings. The curriculum will expose the student to biblical and theological training beyond the core, while also creating constructs for understanding human development and growth. The educational nature of this degree provides training for how to assess needs and develop nurturing programs that would be an asset to a church or nonprofit organization’s educational program. A student who graduates with this degree would be equipped for overseeing soul-care ministries that facilitate healthy spiritual growth for a variety of ages and stages of life. These include positions in churches related to children, family life, small group, discipleship, and Christian educational and formational ministries.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Educational Ministries


Examples of courses in this major:

BBL 2030 Foundations of Educational Ministry

This course exposes students to learning theories and educational practices that can be applied to ministry settings. Learning theories help teachers understand how humans acquire new knowledge and embrace truth for transformational life change. This course will address not only inner processes that bring about growth, but also the environmental and social influences that can either promote or hinder wholistic learning that results in biblical wisdom.

BBL 2040 Foundations of Ministry Leadership

This course looks at the life of Jesus to learn from Him as the Master Teacher, Leader and Discipler. Students will explore Scripture and the lives of other godly men and women to gain a composite picture of leadership that addresses heart issues in the lives of the people they will lead. Leadership from a biblical perspective will be countercultural and address issues of pride versus humility, how we view failure/success, and taking initiative in a Spirit-driven process. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on integration of theory with practice, as they process the course concepts in life with others in a relational context of ministry.

PSY 3260 Biblical Psychology

This course will examine the relationship between the fields of psychology and theology. A theory of integration will be presented, along with discussions concerning specific psychological topics (i.e. self-esteem, anxiety, etc.) from a biblical vantage point. Prerequisite: PSY 110 or SOC 110. Three hours.