Intercultural Studies


This major prepares you for entering a new world. In this major, students will learn how to communicate across cultures in a relevant way, so that they can penetrate the worldviews of the people in those contexts with the Gospel. Courses such as applied cultural anthropology, intercultural communication and world religions coupled with a semester-long, cross-cultural internship will shape the student to cross cultures effectively and form meaningful relationships for ministry.

Courses in world missions, the history of missions, teamwork and leadership, spiritual formation, and the principles and practice of prayer provide students with training for the personal character and skills necessary for ministry anywhere, but especially outside their own culture. Six courses in biblical studies give a foundation and understanding for biblical ministry. The senior seminar is the capstone of the program.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Intercultural Studies

Course Requirements for Intercultural Studies Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

MIS 2010 Intro to World Missions

This introductory course will help students discover basic understandings, motives and methods for successful missionary work. Practical subjects such as good and bad reasons for going into missions, departure from and reentry into one’s own culture, entering a new culture, and choosing a mission field will be discussed. Basic skills for God’s work in another culture will be introduced. Theological and strategic foundations will provide a conceptual understructure for further studies in intercultural missions.

MIS 3220 Principles and Practice of Prayer

Students will examine the teaching of the Scriptures on the subject of prayer with a view to discovering the absolute necessity of a vital prayer experience in the life of the man or woman of God and in the life of the Church. Urgency, consistency and effectiveness of prayer will all be discussed as well as practical guidance for fostering these. Significant time will be spent in the practice of prayer.

ICS 3110 Intercultural Communication

Students will examine the principles and processes of communicating effectively with people from a second cultural context, whether in multi-cultural U.S.A. or in other countries. The course will investigate functional perception and how cultural worldview, beliefs and values affect perception through the eyes of each individual. Students will explore how the shaping of the message, the style of communication, and the use of communication networks help to penetrate different cultures with the Gospel. Dangers of ethnocentrism and its affect on the cross-cultural communication process will be discussed. The principles examined are valuable for intercultural relations in any field of work.

BBL 3130 Understanding World Religions

Students will examine the belief systems of major religions with a view to understanding why the tenets of each system make sense and drive behavior for the adherents. They will also examine how each religion affects the host culture and how the culture affects the religion. The inadequacies of each belief system will be considered in light of the adequacy of Christianity.

ICS 3210 Applied Cultural Anthropology

The nature of humans and how their culture affects them are explored with a view to how this, in turn, affects ministry in intercultural contexts. Worldview assumptions and resulting values, beliefs, behavior and attitudes are studied as to how they affect people in their perception and understanding of the physical and spiritual world around them and, ultimately, their understanding of the Gospel. Social organization is examined as to how it affects ministry strategy, and the nature of culture change is investigated with a view to evangelism.