Youth Ministry


You might be looking at this major because you have a passion for ministering to the next generation. We are excited to let you know that Grace College partners with The National Institute for the Development of Ministries to Youth and is affiliated with CE National, a national organization of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. 

This degree offers both excellent Bible teaching and hands-on training in youth ministry, leading to a bachelor's degree. The B.A./B.S. in Youth Ministry prepares students to minister to youth in a local church, para-church, cross-cultural or camp setting through academic instruction and hands-on ministry experiences. Besides courses in Bible, theology, evangelism and youth ministry, the B.A. degree also has a foreign language component. The three components of the major include courses in theology and Bible study methods, spiritual formation and prayer, and practical ministry courses, some of which are off campus in locations where the ministry being studied is practiced.

Course Requirements for B.A. or B.S. in Youth Ministry

Course Requirements for Youth Ministry Minor


Examples of courses in this major:

BIB 2140 Evangelism and Discipleship

Students will explore foundational issues for developing an approach to evangelism. Questions that will be considered include: What constitutes true conversion? Is becoming a Christian a process or an event? What about lordship salvation? What is the relationship between evangelism and the sovereignty of God? How do trends and needs in society shape a strategy for evangelism? Second, students will examine various methods of evangelism such as lifestyle evangelism. Third, students will study the concept and methods of discipleship as an integral part of evangelism.

YMI 2140 Foundations and Philosophy of Youth Ministry

Students will explore the modern history of youth ministry and will evaluate the four primary approaches in current use in light of biblical principles. Students will seek to understand contemporary adolescent issues and the essential ingredients needed to make an effective youth ministry. Students will develop strategies for integrating youth ministries into the local church. Areas of discussion will include parenting ministries and methods of building a volunteer staff and youth team.

YMI 2240 Strategizing for Church and Campus Youth Programming

Strategies will be developed for establishing strong ministry teams and for ministering to junior and senior high students as well as to recent graduates. Students will examine the role in youth ministries of the Christian school, home schooling and the public school. They will explore and analyze various curricula and develop strategies for meeting the needs of youth in complex family and societal structures.

YMI 3140 Cross Cultural Youth Ministries

The student will learn how to assess relevant issues related to specific cultures and how to target the needs of youth within various socio-economic groups. This class will develop stategies for meeting the needs of youth in a cross-cutural context and how to church plant using youth as a target group. The students will be taught how to train youth leadership to accomplish church planning and development. This class will be held in a cross-cultural setting, offering hands-on training.

YMI 3240 Counseling and Communicating with Contemporary Youth

Students will seek to identify various methods of communicating biblical and spiritual truth to a changing youth culture. They will be equipped with techniques for establishing effective communication with young people. Various styles of communication, including small group discussions, informal teaching times, and the use of technology and music, will be examined. In addition, students will investigate counseling tools and techniques for working with families and youth in crisis counseling situations. Students will consider how to relate to the changing roles of adolescents as they mature in a diverse society. Legal issues of counseling will be examined, and students will evaluate how to determine the advisability of deferring troubled youth to professional counselors.