International Students Application

Admissions Checklist

Important Details

  • This application is for undergraduate international students only.
  • Grace College accepts international applicants for the fall semester only.
  • Application materials must be postmarked by March 1 prior to fall enrollment.

For more information, visit the International Students page.


Complete our online application or download a printable application to submit by mail or fax (574-372-5120).

International Application

International Forms

Download the International Forms hereInternational Transcript Request

Download the Declaration of Financial Support Form hereDeclaration of Financial Support

All Grace College applicants must submit official high school transcripts (and university transcripts for transfer applicants). The transcripts must come directly from your high school and/or university. Complete the top portion of the Reference & Transcript Request for International Students. Send it to your high school principal or counselor, who will complete the remainder of the form and submit it directly to the Grace College Admissions Office, along with your official transcripts. If you have attended another university, you will need to follow the same procedure with the Reference and Transcripts Request for International Transfer Students. If you have attended more than one other university, you will need to make copies of the form and send a copy to each university you have attended. The form is to be completed by the Registrar and returned with a copy of your official transcripts directly to the Grace College Admissions Office. Also fill out the Declaration of Financial Support Form demonstrating financial resources to enroll. International students are considered for academic scholarships, but are expected to contribute a portion of annual college expenses. International applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarships and notified when admission is granted.

Submit SAT or ACT and TOEFL scores

All applicants must submit an official copy of either SAT or ACT scores (TOEFL required for non-English-speaking countries). An official copy of your scores may be obtained from your school or by request from or The Grace College code numbers are 1198 for the ACT or 1252 for the SAT.

Submit your Photo ID

A photograph of the applicant (approximately 2”x 3”) must be submitted to the Grace College Admissions Office to complete the application process.


Email Admissions or call 866-974-7223.

Contact Information
Permanent Address (If different from above)
Term of Anticipated Enrollment

All unmarried students meeting the following criteria must live on campus:

  • Student is under 23 years of age as of August 1 for fall semester, January 1 for spring semester (see Grace College's Student Handbook for policy). A copy may be obtained from the Admissions Office.
  • Student is registered for 12 or more hours
  • Student is not living with parents, guardian or relatives
Educational Information

Please request your official scores to be sent to:
Grace College Admissions Office, 200 Seminary Drive, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590   U.S.A.

Most Recent Colleges Attended
Other Colleges Attended
Family Information
Church Information

Please ask your pastor, youth pastor, or spiritual mentor to fill out your Spiritual Life Reference Form and mail it to the Grace College Admissions Office.

Lifestyle Information

Please describe your relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Describe how and when that relationship began and the influences that are contributing to your spiritual development

Lifestyle Commitment

Please read the following statement thoughtfully:

Grace College strives to create and promote an atmosphere that will encourage students to develop the highest attainable degree of spiritual maturity within the framework of an evangelical Christian faith and worldview. In order to establish a wholesome environment, all students are asked to subscribe to standards and guidelines prior to admission.

Grace College believes that:

l The Bible is the fully inspired Word of God, and its teachings are the final authority in matters of faith and life.

l Jesus Christ should be the foundation and center of every individual's life.

l As a life can never be complete without fulfillment in Christ Jesus and His Word, neither is knowledge complete except as it relates to God's eternal values.

l An important aspect of student life at Grace College is corporate worship and fellowship.  Therefore, regular attendance at chapel and Sunday services (in an evangelical church) is required of all full-time students.

l As part of the Grace College commitment to a distinctive life-style and experience, students are to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, sexual misconduct, gambling, cheating, theft, coarse or obscene language, or any other conduct inconsistent with the goals and traditions of the college. Further, Grace College students are to abstain from morally degrading media and literature.

l It should be understood that any behavior which indicates that an enrolled student has little regard to living a life honoring to God, or whose conduct evidences a spirit of disregard for the institutional standards, will be sufficient reason for disciplinary action or dismissal.

If admitted as a student to Grace College, I will strive to grow intellectually and spiritually; earnestly seek to abide by and maintain the standards of Grace College; and work to make a positive contribution to the campus.


Names and graduation year of siblings

Influencing Factors