International Students

An international applicant is any applicant
who is not a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident.

If you are a U.S. citizen who currently lives outside the U.S., or if you are not a U.S. citizen but rather a permanent legal U.S. resident, you do not qualify as an international student.

Important Details

It is critical to assess the cost of attending Grace College before beginning the application process:

  • Financial assistance in the form of merit scholarships is available to all students who qualify.
  • You must demonstrate educational funds you have available or funds from sponsor(s).
  • Applicants must have at least a high school degree or the equivalent.
  • As a Christian college, Grace College requires that all applicants profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • You must be a full-time student during the academic year at Grace College.
  • All application materials must be complete, including the Declaration of Financial Support, before financial assistance can be considered and before an I-20 can be issued.

International Student Exchange Program

Students from Handong Global University in South Korea are invited to participate in Grace College's International Exchange Program.

  • Application deadline for Fall semester: May 15
  • Application deadline for Spring semester: October 15

International Exchange Program Application

A housing deposit of $200 and verification of an I-20 are due by November 1 for study during the spring semester.

Scholarship Assistance

Based on your acceptance to Grace College and academic credentials, including:

  • High school GPA of 3.2 or above
  • SAT score of 1080 or above (excluding writing) or ACT composite score of 21 or above
  • Class rank in top 40 percent or above

Important Deadlines

  • Early Action (non-binding): Applications received by December 1.
  • Regular Admission: Applications received by March 1.

How to apply

Grace waives its $30 application fee to applicants who apply online.

  • Complete the Online Application

    Or download the application, complete it and mail it with the application fee, or fax (574-372-5120) the completed application and mail the application fee separately. International Student Application

  • Download the International Forms International Transcript Request Form

    All Grace College applicants must submit official high school transcripts (and university transcripts for transfer applicants). The transcripts must come directly from your high school and/or university. Complete the top portion of the Reference and Transcript Request for International Students. Send it to your high school principal or counselor, who will complete the remainder of the form and submit it directly to the Grace College Admissions Office, along with your official transcripts. If you have attended another university, you will need to follow the same procedure with the Reference and Transcripts Request for International Transfer Students. If you have attended more than one other university, you will need to make copies of the form and send a copy to each university you have attended. The form is to be completed by the Registrar and returned with a copy of your official transcripts directly to the Grace College Admissions Office. Also fill out the Declaration of Financial Support Form, which demonstrates financial resources to enroll. International students are considered for academic scholarships, but are expected to contribute a portion of annual college expenses. International applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarships and notified when admission is granted.

  • Submit SAT or ACT and TOEFL Scores

    All applicants must submit an official copy of either SAT, ACT or TOEFL scores (TOEFL is required for non-English-speaking countries). An official copy of your scores may be obtained from your school or by request from or The Grace College code numbers are 1198 for the ACT and 1252 for the SAT.

Application Evaluation

Once you have submitted your application for admission, and we have received your Reference and Transcript Request Form as well as your official ACT, SAT or TOEFL scores, your application for admission to Grace College will be complete and will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. Grace College reserves the right to request additional information if needed in order to complete the evaluation. The Admissions Committee will provide notification regarding the status of your application. If you have any questions, contact the Grace College Admissions Office at 866-974-7223.

Wait List

Applicants receive one of three decision letters: admit, deny or defer (for additional information).

Enrollment Deposit

Once admission is granted, a place in the class can be secured by submitting a $200 enrollment deposit by the May 1 reply date. (Housing assignments are prioritized by date received.) Include the Admitted Student Reply Form.

Download the Admitted Student Reply Form Admitted Student Reply Form

Issuing the I-20

To obtain the I-20 form (which is used to apply for the student visa), you must complete the full application process, be accepted to the college and pay the enrollment deposit of U.S. $200 to reserve enrollment and on-campus housing.

Questions about becoming an
international student at Grace College?

Email Admissions or call 866-974-7223.