Tips for Youth Leaders

As high school students consider their college careers, we know youth leaders and pastors are involved in guiding students toward environments that will allow them to thrive. We believe Grace is an ideal place for a student's development. Not only does Grace provide a quality education, but students at Grace are continually challenged in their faith and nurtured in their walks with Christ.

  • What It’s Like Here

    Learn more about what it’s really like to join the Grace community.

  • Chapel

    Read more about how chapel is an integral part of the Grace community.

  • Living Options

    Check out our residence hall options and find out how they build community.

  • Clubs & Organizations

    Find out about the many ways to get involved in the Grace community.

  • Ministry Studies

    Explore the ministry studies degree programs that Grace offers.

  • Why Choose Grace?

    Find out why students choose Grace.

  • 3- & 4-Year Programs

    Discover how students can save up to 50 percent off their college costs.

  • Mission & Values

    Find out what we’re all about by reading our mission statement and educational values.


What’s the spiritual life of campus like?

Spiritual formation is one of the most important aspects of campus life at Grace. We want to provide an environment that fosters community, encouragement and spiritual growth. We work to accomplish this in three specific ways: through chapel, ministry teams and Growth Groups.

What church denominations are there in the Winona Lake area?

Winona Lake is home to many non-denominational churches and local churches that represent more than 30 denominations and fellowships, including Assemblies of God, Baptist, Bible Church, Brethren, Christian, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Free Methodist, Grace Brethren, Lutheran, Mennonite, Missionary, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Reformed Baptist, Salvation Army, United Methodist and Wesleyan.

What social activities does Grace offer?

Plenty! Our student clubs and organizations provide many activities for students. Our Student Activities Board (SAB) puts together an exciting round of events for college students every year, including tailgating, paintball, concerts, Pizza Hut Night and luaus. There are many creative opportunities and campus traditions such as Homecoming.