Health & Counseling Center

About the Student Health & Counseling Center

The Grace College Student Health & Counseling Center (SHCC) exists to serve students in the Grace College community. At the SHCC, services are tailored to mirror the institutional mission. All services offered are founded upon Biblical principles and incorporate appropriate medical and psychological knowledge, as well as research. Physical and mental health services are available to Grace College undergraduate students. For graduate students, there are only limited counseling services provided. The SHCC is professionally staffed by providers at the doctoral, master’s and supervisory levels. On dates when classes are in session, the Health Center is staffed with a Registered Nurse from Medstat Urgent Care in partnership with Kosciusko Community Hospital and Lutheran Health Network.

Health Services Available

  • Medical assessments for an array of issues from the common cold to emergency services
  • Triage and referral to appropriate medical care as needed
  • Host a TB Test Clinic and Health Fair
  • Travel consultations available for Go Encounter and/or other cross cultural experiences, including CDC vaccination recommendations
  • Assistance with special meal and housing exemptions, as well as permanent or temporary disability support services
  • Administrative contact for the international student health insurance program

Counseling Services Offered

  • Grace College Counseling Center services primarily are intended to be short-term and solution-focused in nature.
  • While counseling services typically occur one-on-one, should it be beneficial for a given student’s care there are provisions for adding others to a session.
  • Issues addressed may include: relationships, mood and anxiety management, life adjustments, faith, trauma, stress, body image, and school performance.
  • Services not offered through the Counseling Center include: testing, psychotropic prescription management, or substance detoxification. Such needs will be referred to local treatment facilities for further care.
  • Topical groups offered throughout the year may include: body image, stress management, substance use or abuse, and life adjustments.

How & When To Seek Help

Health Center

  • Health Center hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.
  • During office hours, health assessments with the Nurse do not require an appointment.
  • A health assessment with the Nurse is free of charge, with some testing available at a minimal charge.

Counseling Center

  • Counseling Center hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, plus by appointment only Monday and Tuesday evenings through 8:00 pm.
  • Counseling Pre-Registration Forms may be completed: 1) in the office, 2) interactively at, or 3) by email request to You also are free to call the office for further direction.
  • Counseling services for undergraduates are provided free of charge for 10 sessions each semester. Sessions after 10 are $5 each. Counseling Services for graduate students are $30 per session. All group sessions are free of charge. No insurance claims or documentation will be filed.


  • During office hours both health and counseling walk-ins are welcome.
  • After-hour emergencies are referred to the RD-On-Call (574.635.5737) or Campus Safety (574.269.5344).

Absence Due to Illness

  • The Health Center exists to assist students during times of illness and to promote healthy living. Specific to illness, the Health Center does not provide excuses for missed classes related to common illness. Faculty members retain the prerogative to excuse or not excuse an absence. The Health Center will assist with communication for an extended illness.
  • While the Health Center will assist students related to their illness, the Health Center does not make decisions related to class or chapel attendance. Students are responsible for communicating with faculty regarding attendance policies. In some circumstances, students may be told by a health care provider that they should not attend class. If a care provider determines that a student should not be attending class(es) and provides documentation, the Health Center will communicate this to faculty.
  • For students on a meal plan that are too ill to get to Alpha Dining Commons, appropriate meals (light, clear, regular) can be provided by food services at the request of the Health Center. The ill student is to ask a friend or RA to pick up the meal during normal Dining Commons hours.

Contact Us:

For additional information, questions or concerns, feel free to contact the SHCC at or 574.372.5100, ext. 6472.