5 Key Areas: Even a College Can Go Back to School™

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Competence means your classroom experience will be more active as you use emerging technologies, marketplace case studies, collaborative presentations, and discussion/debate. At Grace College, we want to know and collaborate with our customers—that would be you! We want to understand, generationally, how you think and learn best. We want to serve you with innovative environments, technologies, and experiences so you can internalize and understand your coursework as confident experts. In our classroom redesign, this is a move from mere content to true competence. Are you ready for a whole new gear of career-readiness? Grace College Placement Promise: We are so confident that graduating students will be well-equipped to enter the job market or to continue their education in graduate school that we have a Placement Promise. This covenant allows graduates to return to Grace College tuition free for one year if they are unable to secure employment or gain entry to graduate school within six months after graduation. For complete details, please contact the Admissions department.
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Grace is among the first colleges in the nation to recognize the need for an accelerated degree that puts the purse strings back into the hands of American families—especially those with multiple children in college at the same time. While Grace is still a 4-year liberal arts college, academically aggressive students may decide that a 3-year accelerated degree option better fits their family budget without sacrificing the on-campus experience or compromising academic rigor. The curriculum redesign of the entire college accommodates both 3 and 4-year graduates and actually strengthens course outcomes and biblical integration, while providing broader applied learning opportunities. Students may opt for a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree or may choose to get a Bachelor’s Degree and complete a Master’s Degree in just 4 years! These unprecedented options not only cut 25% from the cost of a college education, but they allow entry into the job-market faster, affording graduates an additional 25% return in the form of an extra year of working income,* totaling a 50% reduction in the cost of college. Now, sending two kids to college at the same time doesn’t seem like an impossible venture. * Based on a $33,815 average starting salary for a Grace College graduate (2009 NACE Survey) While Grace College is still a four-year liberal arts college, academically aggressive students may decide that a three-year accelerated degree option better fits their family budget.
Students must be admitted under regular admissions and maintain a B average (3.0 GPA) to stay on the accelerated track. How and Why it works. A compressed calendar will consist of two, 8-week sessions in each of the current fall and spring semesters (totaling four sessions in two academic semesters). Students can take additional credits in either of the two eight week summer sessions during May/June or July/August and will leverage online and distance learning technologies to accelerate coursework completion. This reimagined calendar meets several objectives and provides key benefits for students:1. Students can opt to graduate in 3 years - Addressing financial concerns by cutting 4th year costs 2. Concentrated study on 2-3 courses at a time - More time on a more focused subject scope 3. Accommodates more than 200 student athletes - By decreasing absences from class when registering for more classes during non-season sessions 4. Faster Earning | Speed to Marketplace - Play a critical role in your field of expertise soon. What does Academically Aggressive mean? Students must hold a B average (3.0 GPA) to stay eligible for the accelerated degree option and must take no more than eight credits per eight-week session.
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Imagine sending two kids to college for the price of one. Maybe you don’t have to imagine; maybe that is your real need. We can help you reimagine how to make it happen. So many schools talk about helping you stretch dollars. We prefer the words “cut costs.” On the way to a college degree, finances are typically one of the toughest adversaries you’ll face. Too often this means that families like yours have to sacrifice the Christian community, discipling faculty relationships, and biblical worldview for the option to attend a cheaper state or trade school. Grace has historically been among the top schools of our size, offering aggressive financial aid assistance, need-based tuition discounting, and overall academic value. However, we are prepared to go further. With an accelerated degree, extra earned income, and a little creativity, a lot more is possible. (See chart on right) Grace College annually receives recognition for quality and value as one of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report and as a “Best Midwestern College” by the Princeton Review.
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Experiential learning is where your calling becomes evident. Life itself is always an accommodating teacher, and real-life context is critical for you to develop more than just an “academic understanding” of the concepts you are learning. Experiential learning is where your calling becomes evident and your expertise is validated. It is where the “Aha moments” spark and your real genius flies. The format for our Grace College education means you can experience 10-15% “field” time for internships, study abroad, cross-cultural experiences, student teaching, applied research, and student leadership positions. You might say “Get out of here!” We’d say...“exactly!”
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Certain values are hard-wired into a Grace College education and will never change. We believe there are some core distinctives associated with a Grace College education that are worth preserving and defending. They are hard-wired into our DNA, and our progressive efforts to reimagine the future of this college will not compromise our historical commitments. It will only deepen our resolve for: 1. The Authority of Scripture 2. The Value of Biblical Community 3. The Necessity of Transformative Education 4. The Benchmark of High Quality 5. The Experiential Context of Practical + Applied Learning 6. The Promise of Affordability for Families