Documents: Even a College Can Go Back to School™

Letter from President Katip

Letter from President Katip

Press Release – Grace College Introduces Three-Year Accelerated Degree Option: “Even a College Can Go Back to School”

Press release introducing the three-year accelerated degree, including quotes from Gov. Mitch Daniels and Grace College President Dr. Manahan.
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Executive Summary

3-page background and summary of Grace Reimagine.
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New York Times: A Degree in Three

Article describing the benefits of accelerated degree programs.
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Competitive Financial Analysis

Graph representing the cost of a Grace accelerated degree compared to Midwest and National averages for Private and Christian schools.
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Effectiveness of an Ethics Course Delivered in Traditional and Non-Traditional Formats by: Marc Seamon

This research article shows that even with different delivery methods of teaching (traditional classroom setting, compressed schedule, or distance learning) students thought teachers were equally effective and courses were of equal quality.
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Short and Long-Term Differences in Instructional Effectiveness Between Intensive and Semester-Length Courses by: Charles R. Feldhaus and Patricia L. Fox

This research article measured student grades, test scores, behaviors, and characteristics to show that intensive courses (condensed non-traditional) are superior to traditional semester length courses because they produce deeper, longer-lasting learning than the traditional course does. However, in order for students to truly benefit from intensive courses, they must maintain their knowledge and skills by using them.
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A Comparative Study of Students’ Learning Experiences in Intensive and Semester-Length Courses and of the Attributes of High-Quality Intensive and Semester Course Learning Experiences by: Patricia A. Scott

This research article discusses the difference between intensive and semester-long courses, and finds that if intensive courses are conducted correctly, they can be a powerful alternative to the semester-long format.
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