Student Account Information

Student Account Details

Emails are sent to students each month with a past due balance. It is the student’s responsibility to forward any emails on to parents or payers of tuition. It is important to monitor student accounts throughout the semester as charges are applied. 

Common charges or fines that may be applied through the semester are:

  • Library fines
  • Parking citations
  • Campus Store charges
  • Chapel skip fines
  • Room damages
  • Residential life fines
  • Utility charges
  • Printing charges


Cashier Information

If financial aid has created a credit on your account, you may request a reimbursement check from the Business Office. Student account credits become available after you have received notification from the Financial Aid Office that your loans have been disbursed. You may not make this request in advance to receiving the notification. Checks must be requested by 4:00 pm Monday and will be available the following Wednesday.

Each student may cash personal checks up to $100.00 per day.  Please provide a valid picture ID.

If you have a credit on your student account, you may request up to $100.00 in cash per week.

The Business Office is located on the second floor of Indy Hall. Please feel free to call or stop in during our regular hours with any questions or concerns.